Our Mission

GuideSpring is working to guide those disconnected from themselves, from others, and from God toward renewal.

Transforming individuals and communities by addressing the effects of trauma and the root causes of conflicts

Our Vision

We believe there is a spring of living water waiting for those traveling the desert of broken promises, missed opportunities, and memories of abuse. We stand with them in their story to listen and respond with hope.


At GuideSpring, transformation and restoration is facilitated through a number of  tools and processes including:

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Journey Groups

Trained leaders guide and actively participate in safe and confidential small group meetings where deep listening and heartfelt responses support individuals as traumatic life experiences are shared and the journey back to wholeness begins. Shared stories become instruments of healing.

Conflict Mediation

 A group process facilitated by a trained leader or leaders  where each person is truly heard and encouraged to hear others. When managed in such a healthy way, conflict can serve as a way for positive growth for individuals, couples and communities.

Victim Offender Conferencing

As victims of trauma continue their journey toward wholeness, sharing of their story and damage, where it can be willingly heard by their offender, in a safe environment guided by specially trained leaders, can lead to further healing. Offenders, willing to deeply hear and recognize the damage they have caused and work through their own trauma and damage, can also begin a healing and restoration process.

Post-Adoption Support Services

After adoptions are finalized, adoptive parents and adoptees themselves have very limited support services to help them deal with the unique problems they face. Our experienced staff works to provide a helping hand through focused group support sessions, access to trauma and conflict support services as well as other potential community resources.

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