Join us, and take a journey of discovery through the power in your own story.

Our Mission

GuideSpring is working to guide those disconnected from themselves, from others, and from God toward renewal.

Our Vision

We believe there is a spring of living water waiting for those traveling the desert of broken promises, missed opportunities, and memories of abuse. We stand with them in their story to listen and respond with hope.


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Some Of Our Guiding Principles

Emotional Justice & Reconciliation

Educating people on the power of releasing their untold stories



Healing Personal Narratives

Equipping the wounded to share their stories as instruments of healing



Transformational Community Action

Building transformational communities through better relationships

Our Team

Mike Yoder


In 2004 Mike traveled to Michigan to Open Hearts Ministry to train to be a Journey Group Leader. Since that time Mike has helped to lead men’s groups, co-ed groups, and marriage group. In November 2010 Mike had the privilege of leading Journey Groups in Anchorage, Alaska. He is now enjoy leading group and co-directing Guidespring.

Katie Bomberger


In 2004 Katie attended "SALTS" at Open Hearts Ministry in Michigan.  That was the beginning of her journey into discovering the impact that abuse has had in her life.  Those discoveries have given Katie a passion to walk alongside others who have experienced different forms of abuse. Katie holds firm to the belief that healing and freedom is possible for everyone.

Esther Lapp


Because of Journey Groups such as GuideSpring, Esther has been able to move from victim to survivor to victory. Esther remains thankful that she has a support community to face "the junk" in her life. Being a survivor of abuse is a hard path to walk through and someday she believes she will understand "why." Today I choose to walk as God's chosen daughter.

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